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About SpaElegance

Spa Elegance has the most loyal customers in the business because we provide EVERY customer with personal, priority service. After all, shouldn’t your supplier treat you as well as you treat your customers?


Order on your terms – not ours

We have no minimum order size and offer 24/7 secure online buying. 


Get your order delivered complete and on time – the first time

We have highest order fill accuracy and lowest number of backorders.


No need for trial and error

We don’t sell every product out there – only the right ones.


Get good prices every time

Consistently competitive pricing means you don’t have to order from multiple vendors.


We take care of you

We don’t make you sweat over returns, questions, rushes and other service needs. We believe your supplier should treat you as well as you treat your customers.


We are experts 

Everyone you talk with at Spa Elegance is a knowledgeable professional who acts as your partner.


Hours of Operation (M-F 9AM - 5PM EST)

Orders placed after 3PM EST Friday will not be processed until the following Monday.


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