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Seven ways we help you avoid costly mistakes

1. Selection of treatment room equipment based on technology, function and budget

Making selections from such a wide variety of manufacturers and models can be overwhelming. We match your planned treatments with those lines that will work best and go step-by-step, choosing pieces that will be needed in each room.

2. Guidance as you arrange financing for your capital and softgoods purchases

You may not have done this before but we have – many times. We help you choose the best finance options and arm you with equipment and supply order documents that will streamline the whole process.

3. Provide design and technical support to your contractors, architects, plumbers and electricians

Each piece of equipment has certain size, electrical and plumbing specifications. We assemble and furnish these to your contractor team so that water supply, power and cabinetry needs are known in advance.

4. Review of floor plan for adequate dimension and storage needs

Developing space layout and architecture without proper consideration of its utilization can be a recipe for disaster. We review your plans (at no charge) to ensure room sizes and layout will accommodate equipment, storage, dispensaries, laundry, amenities, retail displays, etc.

5. Project management for all capital equipment and soft good purchases

Once you place your order with us, we confirm all purchase orders, coordinate shipping dates and schedules and source the best freight quotes to maximize your budget.

6. On-site support during delivery and set up

Delivery of equipment, furniture and fixtures often occurs at the same time you are busy interviewing staff, overseeing finish work, and publicizing your business. We can be on-site at pre-determined times to quality check equipment as it is delivered, ensure proper set up in treatment rooms, and unpack soft goods.

7. Last minute, pre-opening details

We encourage our customers to wait until equipment is in place before ordering supplies and items with short lead times, as a way to avoid over-ordering. We help you create a needs list once setup is complete and then facilitate rapid delivery.

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