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Q.I need to order everything for my spa. Where do I begin?

If you have your design finalized, we can begin to look at how each room will be utilized.  This will determine what types of equipment will be needed.  Working consistently with budget we can propose equipment, then discuss and revise as needed.  For some facilities, equipment needs surpass budget.  In those cases, we recommend planning for all of the pieces with necessary plumbing, electrical, etc. and then adding the final pieces as business and budget allows.  For example, a design plan may call for 4 pedicure units, but there is not enough capital for them.  We may plumb for all of them and only buy 2-3 to start.  Once business justifies, then, we order the final pieces.   

Q.I am in the final phases of my design and want some extra input.  Can you review my floor plan? 

Although we do not employ designers, we have reviewed many plans and recognize when something might work better in a different arrangement.  Room size, noise areas, adequate storage, and retail are crucial pieces.  We will gladly look over any design as a part of your furniture/equipment planning process and provide feedback based on our experience. 

Q.There are so many places to choose from.  How do I make responsible buying decisions?

The key to responsible purchasing is always remaining conscious of your budget.  Whether your budget is $10K or $100K, choosing wisely for now and future growth will determine how profitable you are.  This is not the "Field of Dreams" where if you build it, they will come!! The most lavish spa can remain unbooked and in trouble when the money runs out for marketing and there are no cash reserves. We can work with you to make good recommendations and explain our position - leaving the final decision in your hands.

Q.I am not sure if I need everything that my staff wants.  How do I know what is truly necessary?

As you absorb input from staff, friends, consultants, and related companies, you may find yourself overwhelmed.  We can help sort through the wants and needs with you.  There are "good" corners to cut and "bad" ones.  We can help uncover areas to better utilize budget and lessen the confusion of selection.

Q.My build-out may be delayed.  Can you help control delivery dates for large equipment?

As part of our service to you, we work within your timeframe to keep equipment production and shipping schedules.  It is rare that slowing production of an order poses a problem.  On the other hand, it is often difficult to speed up lead times especially when tight timelines are being attempted.  Communication with you is most important - and is an area where we excel. We strive to serve you, the client, and make every attempt to meet your timeline.

Q.I am considering some pricey equipment pieces.  Can you talk me through the features and benefits to help me make good decisions?

Yes. As a matter of fact, we believe it is better to start off with a little less rather than over-buy. We want you to feel comfortable and excited about your purchases and to grow your equipment as needed and as your business dictates.  It is much easier to add equipment than it is to try to return it after 6 months because business is not busy. We proceed with caution when it comes to specialized equipment as well.  Opening a spa and then adding a piece 6-12 months later is a good business decision.  When opening, staff is already busy learning about the business, products, treatments, retail, and more. A large equipment investment should be tackled when it can be given more attention. Trends also change - as does technology.  Sometimes waiting just a little longer works in your favor.

Q.My spa is unique and I am looking for a few custom pieces.  Do you have a custom department or are my selections limited?

Yes, we have a great custom department that can work with you on the functional needs as well as the unique design elements.  If you are patient with the design and are willing to consider a higher cost for a unique piece, we can offer what you need.  (there are no drawings to work from; we design based on your ideas, specify finishes, trim, hardware etc.)  Price is at a premium. The look is one of a kind.

Q.Why should I work with a distributor?  Can't I get better prices by going direct?

Spa Elegance offers an umbrella of vendors, equipment, products, and supplies.  This often allows for better pricing because you are getting more from a single vendor. With a distributor, you can often reap continuous discounts and partner with a representative that provides objective guidance and great customer service. Manufacturers' business model typically does not allow for this and today more and more manufacturers do not even sell direct. 

Q.I am thinking of opening a spa.  What should I be focused on now?

Educating yourself on the industry is critical if you are not familiar. Trade journals, trade shows, educational classes, and developing a strong business plan are areas of concentration.  We have partnered with some of the best in the industry to assist you with this process.  Once you have mastered the foundation and selected your location, we can be better poised to serve you.

Q.Do I buy or lease equipment?

For start up or a large expansion, money is always a driving issue.  Leasing (Lease to own) is a nice way to have predictable monthly payments and frees up cash for items that cannot be rolled into a lease.  Depending on what lease and which lender you use, you may have additional benefits including tax deductions and rolling part of your lease into build out costs along with supplies and products. 

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